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HBR 207 GT geothermal drill rig

HBR 207 GT geothermal drill rig

Our valued Swiss customer Augsburger Forages SA put another rig into operation, a Hütte HBR 207 GT.

Augsburger Forages SA is specialized in geothermal drilling. They required a powerful rig for drilling deep geothermal holes and thus decided to choose a Hütte HBR 207 GT.

The rig, equipped with drill mast of 40-ton extraction force, double rotary head and a triple sliding clamp of 20-ton pull back, is the largest Hütte geothermal rig put into operation.

We would like to thank Augsburger Forages SA for placing their trust in Hütte Bohrtechnik GmbH.

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