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HBR 609 – New construction of Citizens‘ and Media Centre, Struttgart

HBR 609 - New construction of Citizens' and Media Centre, Struttgart


Performing Drilling Company : Harald Gollwitzer GmbH, Floß

Planners: FISCHER Weilheim Co. Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg

Location : Struttgart

Project description : New construction of Citizens‘ and Media Centre

Equipment : Huette HBR 609

Anchor performance : 1003 meters of anchors; Double anchor, scaled in height, 0.50 m; Vertical inclination between 45 ° and 37.5 °

Project Description

As the Stuttgart ground always represents a major challenge for the foundation industry and as this area is even more challenging due to strongly alternating ground layers, LAP planned the grouted anchoring with double anchors. The double anchors were arranged with a height difference of about 0.50 m and swiveled for 3 ° against each other. To achieve optimum base courses, the anchors were furthermore inclined vertically by 45 °.

Find here further details on the drilling works.

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