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HBR 710

HBR 710: the new versatile drilling rig

Designed for the increasingly challenging drilling operations, the new model, powered by a 209 kW diesel engine, scores with a high performance on the one hand and provides an engine which meets the latest EU and US standards on the other hand. The telescopic extendable crawlers ensure a high level of stability, even on rugged grounds.

Offering cutting-edge technology, the drilling rig offers a wide range of use for the customers like e.g. anchoring, micropiling etc. One outstanding feature of the new Hütte HBR 710 is the kinematic. The combination of turntable and front-the-wall kinematic is unique.The mast movement covers a range of 90 ° left/right direction and it can also drill below the surface.

Safety standards and handling facilitations of the drilling rig are even more increased by the use of a magazine type M3-2 for up to 5m rods and casing in horizontal / inclined / vertical direction. This can also be operated from inside the cabin without any personal intervention at the magazine.The hydraulic system is equipped with load-sensing circuit with high efficiency pumps and distributors. This allows all kinds of applications like double head, vibro or sonic drilling in the field special foundation engineering.

Extraction Force

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Hütte Drill Rigs for Micropiles and Anchors

Technology and Performance

Technical Data

Please refer to the following chart for more technical details of the HBR 710


Engine power 209kW 280 HP
Width of crawler 2950 mm 9.7 ft
Extraction force 130 kN 29,255 lbf
Crowd force 130 kN 29,255 lbf
Working extraction speed 7 m/min 22 ft/min
Fast extraction speed 85 m/min 278 ft/min
Diameters 67÷254 mm 2.6÷10 in
Weight in working condition 42500 kg 93,700 lbs
Download our brochure to learn more about the equipment

Download our presentation brochure to learn more about the equipment


HBR 710 in action

Baustellenbilder der HBR 710 on site

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