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Hydraulic Manipulator

Hydraulic manipulator for rods and casing

Hütte Hydraulic manipulator for rods and casing are the best technology tool suitable to your drilling rigs, perfectly matching to every drilling system and task.


This handling system is designed as an attachment for excavators, for picking up and handling of :
– casing and rod combinations
– single drill rods
– hollow bars
The HDM Manipulator design is based on a basic unit (hydraulic rotator, inclination and beam structure) in combination with three different types of clamp devices. These sets of clamp devices can easily be interchanged by a bolting connection and hydraulic quick couplers.
Additionally, a hydraulic kit is available. This kit consists of all hydraulic hoses for the hydraulic connection between the excavator and the HDM Manipulator.
The HDM Manipulator works only on hydraulics, no electrical parts and controls are needed.
It is always delivered with a universal steel square base plate on top. Additionally, one piece of steel contra plate is supplied.

Consult the catalogue below to for more information.
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