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Rotary heads

All Hütte hydraulic drilling rigs range can be tailored to any costumer need or geological conditions and to satisfy all your needs on your jobsite. Our team engineered a wide range of rotary heads: single rotary heads, double rotary head units and hammers.

Hütte rotary heads are designed and built to be robust and powerful.

Thanks to the perfect matching to the respective drilling system and drilling task, they produce the maximum drilling performance. They are classified according to the maximum available torque; the torque and the corresponding rotation speed of a rotary head can be changed by changing gears.
Try different configurations of Hütte rotary heads, extend the application of your Hütte drilling equipment and achieve the best results on site.

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Single rotary heads

Double rotary heads

Hydraulic hammers

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Best Hütte quality for all your demands.

Hütte provides solutions for your special drilling demand for more than 40 years now. Contact us! We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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