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Geothermal Drilling

Hütte provides geothermal drilling rigs for an efficient and deep soil investigation. Hütte drill machines for geothermal application are high-performance hydraulic drilling rigs enhancing the most advanced technological features for soil investigation equipment.
Our range represents the best geothermal drilling rigs enhancing the most innovative technological solution for geotechnical drilling, combining years of geothermal experience and a countinuos research in the drilling field. The HBR 204 and the HBR 207 are engineered specifically for geothermal application. Indeed also a wide range of extensive accessories such as rotary heads and drilling accessories is avaiable to extend the application of Hütte geo drilling equipment to enable the contractor to achieve the best results on site.

HBR 204

Engine Power: 168 kW
Ext. force:
150 kN
Weight:  17000 kg

HBR 205

Engine Power: 209 kW
Ext. force:
200 kN
Weight:  21500 kg

HBR 207

Engine Power: 209 kW
Ext. force:
400 kN
Weight:  32000 kg

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Geothermal Application


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