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Geothermal Application

Comparative table of Hütte drilling rigs: comparison of engine power, crawler and weight.

Hütte provides hydraulic drilling rigs for geotechnical and geothermal drilling. Our range represents the best technological solution for geotechnical drilling, combining years of geothermal experience and a countinuos technological research in the drilling field.
Hütte drill rigs for geothermal and geotechnical drilling combine maximum power and lighter packages. They are specifically designed for geotechnical drilling and they can be tailored to any costumer need or geological conditions; thus a wide range of rotary heads and drilling tools are available to extend the applications of our drilling equipment.
Discover the main technological features of Hütte Drilling Rigs for geothermal application.


Engine Power



168 kW | 225 HP

2400 mm | 7.9 ft

17000 kg | 37,500 lbs

209 kW | 280 HP

2500 mm | 8.2 ft

21500 kg | 47,400 lbs

209 kW | 280 HP

2500 mm | 8.2 ft

32000 kg | 70,555 lbs

160 kW | 215 HP

2100 mm | 6.9 ft

20400 kg | 44.974 lbs

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