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HBR 207 GT geothermal drill rig

By July 3, 2019July 29th, 2019No Comments

HBR 207 GT geothermal drill rig

Our valued Swiss customer Augsburger Forages SA put another rig into operation, a Hütte HBR 207 GT.

Augsburger Forages SA is specialized in geothermal drilling. They required a powerful rig for drilling deep geothermal holes and thus decided to choose a Hütte HBR 207 GT.

The rig, equipped with drill mast of 40-ton extraction force, double rotary head and a triple sliding clamp of 20-ton pull back, is the largest Hütte geothermal rig put into operation.

We would like to thank Augsburger Forages SA for placing their trust in Hütte Bohrtechnik GmbH.

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