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Job Report

HBR 609 – Construction of wharfage, Netherlands

HBR 609 - Construction of wharfage, Netherlands

August – September 2014

Contractor : Geotech Foundation Solutions B.V. (GFS), Netherlands

Master of works: Groningen Seaports B.V

Location : Eemshaven Netherlands

Project description : New construction of Citizens’ and Media Centre

Equipment : Huette HBR 609

Job description

A Hütte HBR 609 was used together with a drill mast type DM260 and a hydraulic hammer type Eurodrill HD8032. Handling of cases was done with a hydraulic double acting manipulator HDM 89-220. This manipulator has a range for drilling pipes Ø 89-220 mm with a single length of 2 to 6 m.

Find here further details on the drilling works.

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