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HBR 610 – Anchor works in Nevada US

Nevada - HBR 610 is carrying out anchor works

A Hütte HBR 610 rig is part of a freeway segment project near Boulder City, Nevada, US.

The HBR 610 drilling rig is carrying out anchor works to stabilise an existing pylon along the new path, providing electricity for nearby Las Vegas. The slope underneath the foundation of the pylon was imminent to move, so the HBR 610 drilling rig was chosen for the up to 21m deep anchors, stabilising the ground.
The client is using an 8in (203mm) down-the-hole hammer, and the holes are cased up to a depth of 5-6m.
The HBR 610 is known for its compact design and manoeuvrability; all of its functions, including casing and rod magazine handling, are radio remote controlled, ensuring safe and easy operation by one person.

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