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Job Report

Hütte HBR 203 – Rebuilding of train station “Lauffen am Neckar” (Germany)


Description: Rebuilding of train station “Lauffen am Neckar” (Germany)
Company: Geo-Bohrtechnik GmbH, Blaustein, Germany
Location: Train station Lauffen, Germany
Equipment: Hütte HBR 203 = Geo HD 100 with diesel power pack
Works done: 70 boreholes, max. 10 m depth Ø 420 mm, at night while ongoing rail operation and facing limited working height

Project description:

As part of the Baden-Württemberg station modernization program, the station of the city of Lauffen am Neckar was converted to make it barrier-free. Part of this modernization was the construction of two elevators. These should enable everyone to reach the platforms without outside help.
The aim was to build small excavation pits on the platforms in order to be able to build shafts for the elevators. On the main and central platform, tangential pile walls DN 420mm with steel reinforcements were planned. The 70 boreholes with depths of up to 10 m had to be carried out during ongoing railway operations at night and at a restricted working height of only 3 m in some cases. The use of two small drilling rigs type HD100 (see remark above) with a device height of 280 cm (the drill mast raised up) made it possible to drill the piles with a diameter of 420 mm while the railway was in operation and directly under the overhead lines and roofs of the station. Furthermore, the reinforcement cages had to be installed in single sections with sleeves under the restricted height. The prerequisite for carrying out the work is the prequalification of the DB for supporting structures and construction under railway operations.
The work could be carried out to the complete satisfaction of everyone.