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Hutte HBR 204 MP – Colets Piling_UK

Hutte HBR 204 MP - Colets Piling_UK

Geodrilling International, January/February 2015

Casagrande UK has delivered a new minipiling rig to the hire fleet of Colest Piling of Sudbury, Suffolk.

UK piling contractor Colets Piling’s hire fleet consists of several Casagrande piling rigs and Hütte minipiling rigs. After originally acquiring a Hütte 205 MP unit, some of the company’s customers started asking for some performance but in a smaller lighter package.
As a result of this feedback from Colets and other costumers, Hütte (part of Casagrande Group) developed the HBR 204 MP.

Find here further details on the drilling job.

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