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HBR 508-2

HBR 508-2 compact and flexible drilling rig for jet grouting

The Hütte HBR 508-2 is a hydraulic drilling rig for jet grouting. Designed with a Stroke lenght beetween 4700 mm and 5250 mm, it can create deep foundation elements with a max. jet grouting depht of 15,6 m / 15,5 m. The HBR 508-2 is one of the most compact and flexible rig for jet grouting and it has been manufactured also with increased power. Designed to be user friendly, it is a fast and rapid machine to operate, suited for difficult drilling conditions in confined and limited areas, which require particularly compact and mobile equipment.
Jet grouting is applied when civil engineering works require soil improvement to build new structures or to restore the existing foundations. These techniques are employed in a wide range of cases such as underpinning of existing structures, diaphragm walls, structural and waterproof bottom plugs, tunnel consolidation, launch and arrival shafts for TBM and slope consolidations as well.
The HBR 508-2 has been engineered for jet grouting but it is also intended for many other drilling applications as it can be tailored to any costumer need or geological conditions.

Extraction Force

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Technology and Performance

Technical Data

Please refer to the following chart for more technical details of the HBR 508-2


HBR 508-2 EU USA
Engine power 160 kW 215 HP
Width of crawler 2100 mm 6.9 ft
Extraction force 50 kN 11.240 lbf
Crowd force 50 kN 11.240 lbf
Working extraction speed 18 m/min 60 ft/min
Fast extraction speed 75 m/min 245 ft/min
Diameters 67 ÷ 254 mm 2.6 ÷ 10 in
Weight in working condition 15000 kg 33,000 lbs
Stroke 5250 mm 17.25 ft
Max. Jet Groting Depth 15500 mm 50.1 ft
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HBR 508-2 in action

Some images of our HBR 508-2 on site

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