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HBR 203 D/E

HBR 203 D/E: a small drilling rig for large diameter bores

Hutte Bohrteehnik’s compact class drill rig HBR 203, with separate E/D power pack, was designed to fulfil clients’ need for small drill rigs for large-diameter bores. The drilling rig is especially suited for difficult drilling conditions in confined and limited areas, which require particularly compact and mobile equipment.. At the same time the HBR 203 is able to drill big diameters.
The compact-class Hütte drill rig HBR 203 E/D is a self-contained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rig, which features a compact and robust design, simple controls, as well as high efficiency. It incorporates the latest diesel technology and provides a modern and operator-friendly hydraulic system. The rig is fully radio-controlled which makes operations from various positions possible and offers control over the drill rigs acccording to the lastest safety requirments.
The drill rigs are equipped with telescopic undercarriages that can be extended from 740 mm to 1,200 mm as well as a telescopic drill mast.
Together with the powerful rotary head type HG28, which is a very compact and powerful rotary head, the Hütte rig HBR 203 is suitable for big-diameter surface drilling jobs, which require high torques.

119 | 75
Extraction Force

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Technology and Performance

Technical Data

Please refer to the following chart for more technical details of the HBR 203 D/E.


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Engine power 119 kW 160 HP
Electric motor 75 kW 100 HP
Width of crawler 740 | 1200 mm 2.4 | 3.9 ft
Stroke of rotary head 4100 / 7100 mm 13.5 / 23.2 ft
Extraction force 62 kN 13,940 lbf
Crowd force 38 kN 8,540 lbf
Fast extraction speed 25/41 m/min 82/135 ft/min
Diameters 67 ÷ 254 | 152 ÷ 610 mm 2.6 ÷ 10 | 6 ÷ 24 in
Machine overall weight 6200 kg 13,670 lbs
Power pack overall weight 2700 kg 5,950 lbs
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HBR 203 D/E in action

Some images of our HBR 203 D/E on site

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