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Micropiling – HBR 202 D/E and HBR 203 D/E drill rigs

Micropiling - The HBR 202 D/E and the HBR 203 D/E

April 2018

“Simply put, micropiles are small-diameter piles that do not usually exceed 300mm in diameter, compared with large-diameter piles that go up to 3,ooo mm. Due to the small size of the piles, the rigs themselves are often more compact and lighter, and this also goes for ancillary equipment like grout mixers and grout pumps.”
“Big advantages of micropiles are their high carrying capacity, less site constraint problems and self-sustained operation.”

Hutte Bohrteehnik’s Compact Class drill rigs HBR 202, with integrated electric motor or diesel engine, and 203, with separate E/D power pack, were designed to fulfil clients’ need for small drill rigs for large-diameter bores. The rigs are especially designed for difficult drilling conditions in confined and limited areas, which require particularly compact and mobile equipment, but at the same time drilling big diameters , for example up to 324 mm and 406 mm.
The compact-class Huette drill rigs HBR 202 E/D and 203 E/D are self-contained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rigs, which feature a compact and robust design, simple controls, as well as high efficiency. They incorporate the latest diesel technology, meeting the strict emissions regulations in the EU and the US. Furthermore, the units provide a modern and operator-friendly hydraulic system. All movements of the drilling unit can be controlled delicately. An automatic temperature control ensures an optimal operating temperature even under difficult conditions. The stepless adjustable tramming speed provides a versatile and mobile machine movement, 80th types are fully controlled, which ensures an operatian from various positions and control of the drill rig according to the latest safety requirements. The drill rigs are equipped with telescopic undercarriages that can be extended from 740 mm to 1,200 mm, as well as a telescopic drill mast with a length of 2,530-3,770 mm and an overall feed length of 1,200-2,200 mm. Clamping and breaking units for a maximum diameter of 406 mm can be applied, whereas, as per demand from clients, bigger size clamping units up to 610 mm have already been incorporated. Together with the powerful rotary head type HG28, which can achieve a maximum rotation speed of 82 rpm and a maximum torque of 27.000 Nm, which is a very compact and powerful rotary head, the Huette rigs are suitable for big-diameter surface drilling jobs, which require high torques.

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