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Job Report

Slope Stabilisation on US Highway 1

Slope Stabilisation on US Highway 1

Agent/Dealer : Epiroc USA LLC Surface and Exploration Drilling Division

Locations : Highway 1, Near Stinson Beach, USA

Completion time : 10 months

Geology : Shale, sandstone, boulders, sand and ground water

Equipment : Hütte Bohrtechnik drill rig type HBR 605-3B with double head HG28/HG13

Drilling system : Double head rotary/rotary

The Project

Winter’s rains (2016 to 2017) caused significant problems on the coastal highway. Officials said there were 17 storm-related work sites in Marin, most of those on Highway 1, as rainwater cracked roads and undermined road beds.

For re-construction works, anchors needed to be installed for slope stabilization and to prevent the highway from washing away again. The construction company was averaging approx. two holes per day with two machines. Using one Hutte 605, the company averages 2-3 holes per day!

Find here further details on the drilling works.

Download the job report!

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